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T J Price, PsyD - A partner in M.H.A.

Licensed Psychologist


8015 West Alameda Ave., Ste. 230

Lakewood Colorado, 80226


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Anxiety related struggles

ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorders)



Divorce issues

Mood difficulties

Panic Disorder

Improving Empathy

Loss and Adjustment

Post Traumatic (PTSD) issues

Domestic Violence consequences

Supervision of Mental Health Professionals 

Obsessive-Compulsive struggles,   Therapeutic Parenting 


I have also been trained in PlayAttention  (a program to help

  a person learn to focus and maintain better attention).



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We are not a large managed care corporation, or a solo practice,

but an effective psychological team in Lakewood 

(Denver area), CO

Mindful Health Advantage consists of Dr. Shawna Roberts 

and myself.

( We have some different specialties)


- - -     Investing in and for your future   - - - 


We believe people should invest, not waste, time and money

on psychological services.  We strive to be a wise investment, whether counseling or deeper psychological work is needed.



We use various approaches, depending on what a client needs, from Cognitive-Behavioral interventions to Experiential Play Therapy, from Biofeedback to EMDR, from Individual to Relationship Therapy.  

Between Dr. Roberts and I, we have been trained to treat most ages, 

from infants through older adults.



I have developed a specialty in treating children.  

While a child may exhibit different signs/symptoms of struggles in life, 

there are ways to "language" with him or her and provide psychological assistance.  


We know we don't succeed unless you do.

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T J Price, PsyD (on your right) 

Mindful Health Advantage

(and trusted associates)


Minds Changing Lives


8015 West Alameda Ave., Ste 230

Lakewood Colorado, 80226

(in the West Denver area)


Tel: 303-202-6143


email: tj@DrTjPrice.com

The photo on the very top of this page was taken Nov. 2011, close to our office